Please do NOT expect daily blog posts. Things are what they are. The voices are pretty much in control, and those bitches drink.. so it will be random!

Aging without Grace and Dignity.

That's right folks, there is NO grace or dignity in growing older.  Things you take for granted are the very things you can't trust when you get old.

One thing is, we need naps.  In our younger days we could party all night, run home and shower, go to work, rinse and repeat.  That ain't happening when you get older.   Now its, go to work, be thankful you work from home cause you are too tired to shower, where's my bed.

Word to the Unwise

So, things have not changed much in the time I've been gone.  One kind of blog is popular.  The kind of blog where the world is all sunshine and rainbows with unicorns shitting skittles around every corner.  Oh goodie..

Hello Old Friend

I never really understood people who just gave up their blogs.  I would cuss those that, after years of being online and sharing their humor, family, trials, and victories, just walked away without a word.  Then, I became one of them.