The Hell you Say?

Years ago when blogging started out, we blogged for an entirely different reason than people blog today.

Basically, we blogged so our husbands didn't die a horrible death at the hands of their attention starved wives.  Or our teen or preteen, didn't suddenly fly out a picture window because their damn mouth out worked their brain.  We blogged to keep ourselves out of jail.  Plain and simple.  No other reason.  And I'm telling you it was some funny shit.

Doing Mach 70 in Ford!

So those that know us in real life know that about 3 times during the summer months the generations of Royals go back to the village of the common folk.  

PWT has decided that in my old age it is not safe for me to do the driving and she will take over that task.. god help us all..  

We just took that little journey a couple weeks ago for the second time this summer.  Fuck me running, my nerves will never be the same.

Did Ya Ever Notice?

Did you ever notice that landlords are the most put upon people walking God's green earth?  They are the last to ever OFFER to update or fix a fucking thing.  Not minor shit, but the serious shit.  Shit like the front fucking door falling off the hinges and held on with duct tape.  

Shit like the hole in the fucking bathtub, that they covered over with paint before they showed you the place.  First shower washed the paint off and left a fiberglass, ass shredding hole in the bottom of the fucking tub.  THAT KIND OF SHIT.

Don't Forget to Pull the Rip Cord

When your life spirals, it's a pretty scary ride.  If you can stay calm on the way down there is a hell of a view.

You can clearly see those that let you down.

You can clearly see those who stood by you.

You can clearly see every mistake you made.

You can clearly see every olive branch you extended.

Peek a Boo

I've been away.  Well not really, I've been here it's just I really didn't want anyone to know I was here.  As you know, I stopped blogging after MANY MANY MANY years.  I always enjoyed blogging, but it takes a village.  My village kind of burned down.  Dutchess has been blaming it on one of the hookers smoking in bed but reality is, bitch lit up a fat boy and fell asleep.  Burned down the whole damn kingdom.  No worries, we were insured.

However, while we were rebuilding it (was a stinking mess cleaning up the cooked gators) the hookers all grabbed their purses and shoes and took off..