About the Hooker in 7B

Dear Diary,
I woke up this morning and thought about the hooker living on our street.  I am very amazed she does not have a star role on "Cops".  This crazy bitch has more dick walking in and out of her house than anyone I have ever met.
I often wonder if she douches between bus stops.  That thought mulls around in my head for a bit then I get out the vodka, lots and lots of vodka.

Planning the Last Tour of the Year

Planning the last big road trip before winter is always exciting for me.  Clyde no longer flies for us so I'm required to go by ground.

I often wish I could just put an overnight stamp on our asses and ship us to our destination, but that has never worked out well.  Seems PWT is a fatass and requires extra postage.

The road warrior has been gone through and the mechanic just gave us the all clear to take her on tour.  We use to need the bus, but these days we simply all fit in Gert.

The Comeback Kid

As many of the long time readers know, I struggle to find the humor I once had.  In 2009, the King rode off on his mighty steed and ended my funny.  (ok, let's face reality.. he didn't ride of into the sunset... he embraced the sweet arms of death after suffering from a horrific illness for years)

Anywho..My world was left in ashes.  Nothing counted anymore.  I struggled through life as best I could.  I tried to find myself in this blog with horrid results.  I killed this blog, I CPR'd it back to life only to kill it over and over.  In the end, I threw some dirt over it and called it good.

Class Reunion Looms In The Future

A while back I was informed that my 40th Class Reunion was looming in the future.  Shit.
I looked through the Facebook thing and saw that most of my old classmates have become responsible adults.
They have spouses, kids, Grandkids, respectable jobs, houses, fancy cars, and tons of friends, and most of them look like they should be going to our 20th Reunion instead of our 40th.   Shit

Here We Go Bitches!

The time has come to make the big announcement.  I know right?  You've waited years to hear this shit..so here we go.  Listen up..

The Queen has joined the adult world.  No, not like I am now a porn star.. not that kind of "adult" world.. I have purchased a castle.  I make mortgage payments, pay home owner's insurance, pay property taxes, and EAT A LOT OF BOLOGNA..  it's kind of scary.