Lady's Turn.

Earlier this week I talked about the ads for men's products, that piss me off.   Now.. the ladies have a turn.

first of all..douche bags.  No, I don't mean that co-worker sitting next to you.  Not that kind of douche bag.  I'm talking "summer's eve". 

Listen to Bobo, Bobo knows

There are a couple things in life that just make no sense at all. We are suppose to be at the top of the food chain. We are suppose to be evolved enough to make sane and rational decisions about what we need.. and yet..

Correct Me if I'm Wrong,, but

I have some serious issues with religion.. and here is why...

First, the whole Adam and Eve shit... listen dude.. YOU MADE US OUT OF A DAMN RIB.. why not make us out of something useful.. like a boner... Now that would have come in handy... if Eve had been made out of a boner.. she would not have had to bribe the impotent Adam.. with fucking food.. just to get a piece of ass.. She could have just gotten the piece and moved on.  Then there would have been no need for this whole heaven and hell debate..

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Old Age is a Bitch!

Not everything in life is funny, or easy.

I find that blogging is harder these days as life gets harder and things get less funny.  It use to be every day was just another day of life altering humor.  It was easy to blog.  You just woke up, lived, blogged.  Today, it is an effort.  Not to blog, but to get up and live.

It's called old age.  That fucker takes the humor out of everything.  I use to laugh when the King, who was 15 years older than me, got up.. creaked his bones into moving.. farted (I think that was just to get the vacuum out of his brain and get it working each morning) and started his day.  His years of hard work would show up every morning as he fought through the routine of working out the kinks and getting his body ready for another day.