The Comeback Kid

As many of the long time readers know, I struggle to find the humor I once had.  In 2009, the King rode off on his mighty steed and ended my funny.  (ok, let's face reality.. he didn't ride of into the sunset... he embraced the sweet arms of death after suffering from a horrific illness for years)

Anywho..My world was left in ashes.  Nothing counted anymore.  I struggled through life as best I could.  I tried to find myself in this blog with horrid results.  I killed this blog, I CPR'd it back to life only to kill it over and over.  In the end, I threw some dirt over it and called it good.

Fast Forward 7 years:  The Queen is emerging from the fog.  She has goals and aspirations.  She has things to tell you.  Some of this stuff you may find the humor in, some of it not.. not my problem.

I plan on using this to once again find my way through life.

I have a few goals no one has any idea about.  #1Convert the old blog into a book.  This is not a today goal, this is.. when I no longer need to be employable goal.. cause we all know if the general public read that stuff, I'd never get another job.. lol

#2 No one knows that it has been my lifetime goal to play piano/keyboard, and provide the dinner music to a fund raiser.  I know right?  It's not that I'm good or anything.. I just want to do it.  I want to knock that off my "secret" bucket list.

#3 Become social again.  I use to be social.  Then King pulled his stunt and I hated humans.  I hated humans because of the unkept promises that resulted after his death.  The "biologicals" from the Kings family that so quickly divided up the assets and moved on.  While I grieved for years, they just moved on.  While my child grieves to this day over the loss of her Dad.. they just moved on.  It shattered my faith in mankind.

While I have always said I could never date again because no man wants to play second fiddle to my lead singer, lately I've missed the simple companionship of another human.  Someone to go to the dance with.  Someone to go out to dinner with.  Nothing long term or serious, just another human.  So, another goal.. find a simple human with that same goal...  Two people who do not want to mix their worlds but simply have a meal or drink together.  Have a late night conversation together.. then go home to their separate worlds.  
SIDEBAR: This last paragraph is new to me, so I may decide that in fact I was correct the first 7 years and no human like that exist.  If that turns out to be true, it will not shatter my world.  It may not even make a ripple.

So, I shall work at my own pace restoring this blog.  Bringing it to match the world I currently live in.  The one with sketchy friends that live in my computer.  The ones with the even sketchier voices that live in my head.  The ones that allow The Queen, and my true identity to live side by side without being connected.

After all these years, I still do not want the two identities to live in the same realm.  They are so different.  I need them to live side by side without colliding and crashing both.  They are the other half to each other.  They've co-existed that way for over a decade now.  I believe it is still in the best interest of the free world they continue this lifestyle.

I hope those that read us enjoy us.  I hope those that read us and do not like us, leave us alone.  I hope all respect a fellow human enough to let our identities stay separated.  I know there are many out there that just can't have that.  I have met many of them over the years.  For some reason they felt they could not live another day without trying to expose the two.  However, I've met hundreds of wonderful readers who have now become real life friends, that respected our wishes.

I am so blessed for each of them.  While the horrids where few, the awesomes were many.    The few were a small price to pay, for the awesomes.

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