Planning the Last Tour of the Year

Planning the last big road trip before winter is always exciting for me.  Clyde no longer flies for us so I'm required to go by ground.

I often wish I could just put an overnight stamp on our asses and ship us to our destination, but that has never worked out well.  Seems PWT is a fatass and requires extra postage.

The road warrior has been gone through and the mechanic just gave us the all clear to take her on tour.  We use to need the bus, but these days we simply all fit in Gert.

On a side note I am hoping to ween myself off facebitch.  I'm horrible about having to post, share and stalk on facebitch.  Problem is, I don't meet new people on facebitch because well, too many me`s out there that can stalk by facebitch.

Most people are so out of touch, unless they actually blog they have no clue to go stalk on a blog.  People get fired over facebitch.  I for one can't afford to be fired because I posted an f bomb on facebitch and some hooker's aunt saw it.

Bloggers seem to be the true long lasting friends I want in my life.  Most of the people on my facebitch are people I met and fell in love with through blogging.  It's the old "dance with the one that brought you" scenario.

Once again, I'm trying to go back to my roots.  Back to what made me laugh.  Back to what made me happy and helped me make lifetime friends  and a few lifetime enemies but I'm ok with that.

Starting over from scratch is always a struggle.  You don't know if anyone is actually reading you unless they comment.  I remember the days of giving up because this blog was nothing but a "dear diary" read only by myself and few close friends.  I hope to struggle through that phase and return to my glory.

If it doesn't happen, I guess I'll just have the funniest "dear diary" in all of Oz, that no one reads.

Until next time...

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