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Hello old friend, I've missed you.   How has your year been so far?  Mine kind of sucks a donkey dick.  First, well we all know how I spent New Years Eve.  I have to admit that is the proper way to kick off a new year.  Even with the sadness that surrounded our beloved Dutchess, we were able to pull it together and toss a great New Years Eve party online.  Well, it must have been great because I had a complete and total hang over the next day.   I made it as far as midnight Mountain Standard time.   We started screaming Happy New year on the East Coast and made it as far as Mountain Standard time.   A lot of the Royals were there.  A lot of the new gang was there.  We made it through the alphabet three times I believe. 

We learned about bestest friends and plumbers crack.  Then there was some comment from one of the hookers about good crack, which sent the conversation off to the days on the streets and the price of some good crack.   Ass crack people, ass crack.  You sick drugged up fools.  crack  pft.. 

Then of course, a blast from the past hit the web the other day with a new hairdo.  You can bet that brought the Royals out in force to cuss and discuss the past, and how she has not changed.  How she still can't draw on an eyebrow, and how we hope someday she realizes that 1000 perverts following and reading you because you show your tits, does not make you a blogger.

Next up was the announcement that SITS girls are offering a chance to build a tribe.  We didn't build a tribe, but years ago Dutchess and I built and kingdom.  That kingdom is still strong today.  We've stumbled, fallen, (usually because our bartender is mixing cheap ass drinks for us) but we have never fallen apart.   Long after we've stopped blogging on a regular basis, we hook up at least once or twice a week for an online chat.   Those are some long lasting memories we hold.  The memories hold us close together.

So, I just wanted to update you on where we are.  The Dame is busy working, raising her kids and enjoying her life.

Our bartender is hunkered down and get this she is home schooling her kid.  I know right.  No wonder the hooker mixes our drinks up and occasionally serves us the cheap shit from under the counter.

Princess PWT better known as Major Sunshine,  that little hooker turned 34 today.  I must say, age is treating her well.   She has still failed at her lifelong goal to #1 build a spaceship and return to her home planet with her real Mom.  #2 Achieve world domination.  However, she has done a pretty good job of making the best of being stuck here on earth.

Our Duck is happily building a life with her new family.  We don't hear much from her.  She's busy just swimming around her pond and herding little duckies around.  She pops in to see us once in awhile.

Our Royal cop is still in full force.  She's turning out books left and right.  She continues to blog on a regular basis.  Last we heard from her she was enjoying her new job and her new life.

Dutchess, well Dutchess is struggling.  Life deals her one hit after another.  You have to admit, the big guy fucks with her a lot.  I'm not sure it's fair.  We make regular trips to Colorado to keep her in fat boys so she is plugging along.   We have her beloved bathtub moved into her favorite rubber room, so she's pretty well contained without knowing we have her contained.  Our bartender drops cases of wine to her weekly and sends in a written report in triplicate.

Me, well I'm hanging in there.  I've been so disappointed that I have yet to be able to track down the elusive Wheels.   I have decided he may not even exist.  I'm thinking that night I stayed with Dutchess and we tapped in to the fat boys and cheap wine, I dreamed him up.

So, there you have a total update on the Royal Kingdom.   We're still here, we still hang out, we just rarely blog.  Life got in the way.  After all these years I have to admit, it's just never going to be like it was when we all started.   Does not stop me from popping in now and then to post a random rambling update, but it is just not like it was.  

have a great Month and don't drink that cheap fucking wine.  that shit will kill ya. registered & protected

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  1. I think the Queen has been drinking too much gin over Christmas break and needs to go into rehab. Then, perhaps, then we might get some action out of you. And stop making trips to Colofornia for your maryjane supply. Dammit. ((((GRIN))))


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