My inner Bitch Latisha!

Well, not much book reading this week at rehab. We had some new residents move in next door. They are the loudest bunch of people Dutchess and I have met. Keep in mind, we run a kingdom of hookers.

These people have taken white trash to a whole new level. Within hours of them moving in next door the mayhem had started.

Keep in mind, they have one man, a two month pregnant ex wife, a three month pregnant girlfriend and their combined five kids, all shoved in the dorm next door. Good times are bound to happen when you have that combination.

For the first night, all we heard was "An F bomb here and an F bomb there. Here an F bomb there an F bomb, everywhere an F bomb". Who knew this night would be the best of 10 in a row.

It's a constant 24/7 of screaming, yelling, cussing, and shit hitting our wall.

Dutchess will tolerate a lot, but we all know how hard she is to live with when the bitch doesn't get her beauty sleep. By last night our little room here in rehab was a rocket ship of emotion. It was right when I was at the end of my rope, watching her stress and whine over not being able to sleep, that a body banged into the wall.

I was up, out the door and headed for the guard shack to find help before the body hit the carpet.. and that's when I got really pissed. You see, some asshole changed the location of the guard shack. That's right people, they moved the entire building. Not a cop or guard in the area. There I was in the pouring rain, unable to find help. You can image how pissed I was by the time I got back to our room.

As I walked up they were just leaving, and it hit me.. WHO NEEDS A FREAKING COP. I'M A QUEEN, I GOT THIS SHIT.

That's when the inner bitch found her black ghetto roots. I'm telling you I had the whole head bob, finger wave, oh no you don't, swag going on. I was so ghetto, I had to get a dictionary out when I got back in my room, just to figure out what I'd said. I was way up in their grill!

So, there I was so proud of myself and my ability to Fargo their asses when Fargo swaggered by and reminded me I forgot the famous "Fargo Forehead Flick" at the end.

Kinda took the wind out of my sails.

Anyway, we have had nothing but peace and quiet since Latisha found her voice. That bitch even scared bulldog. I'm pretty sure with today's technology, you will be seeing it on U-tube before the end of the week.

You will know you found the right one when you see an angry white chick acting all black ghetto and a 275 man crying, and peeing down his leg.

I'm hoping to get back to some serious reading tomorrow. Dutchess got a good night's sleep last night, so she's not driving me out of the room with her whining. The dorm is quiet, and if all goes as planned we will have a review of a book by Friday.

If anyone drives by the kingdom, could you please count gators. I got wind that PWT has a brand new wardrobe since I left for rehab. They say there seems to be a lot of alligator handbags and shoes. Dutchess and I are a wee bit concerned. Plus we haven't heard from Willie or Clyde in a few days. We all know those hookers pry have them hopped up on brownies and are now running amok in our kingdom.

Pry turned loose the flying monkeys, cooked our flamingos on the BBQ and are wearing most of our gators.

There will be hell to pay if that's a fact.

TAKE ME HOME! The Queen signing off

Sound off Bitches

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  1. Bwahahahaha! I peed!
    No one fucks with my sleep and your book reviews.

    1. That's right dutchess.. I need my reads, you need your sleep.. and when people fuck with that it pisses us off.. Love ya Sista!

  2. Sleep? Can you please remind me exactly what that is? It seems vaguely familiar.

    1. I remember those days. Hey, it's great to have you stop by. We miss you over here Diva! huge hugs from Rehab!


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